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Trees In Nature’s Economy

“By virtue of cooling the air and spraying the sky and multiplying the clouds trees exert considerable influence upon the fall and distribution of rain; by virtue of sponging the earth around their feet they enormously influence the behaviour of floods, the discipline of rivers, the supply of springs, the health of fish… Forests are so much more than meets the eye. They are fountains. They are oceans. They are pipes. They are dams. Their work ramifies through the whole economy of nature.”
From The Triumph of the Tree by John Stewart Collis

Submission on Coillte cypermethrin use derogation

The Woodland League are calling for a complete ban on the use of cypermethrin and glyphosate by Coillte in public forests, please support this important call. We believe that the use of these hazardous chemicals poses a serious health hazard. We also fail to see how the use of these dangerous poisons can be seen to be compatible with Sustainable Forest Management, which Coillte claim to practise and which is supported by their use of the FSC ecolabel.
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Cypermethrin needs to be phased out

The Environmental Pillar are calling for an end to the use of the hazardous chemical Cypermethrin in Irish forests. This chemical which kills insects is being used in significant quantities over a large area of land, some 50,000 ha, in an attempt to protect the non-native spruce and pine from pests.
Environmental Pillar Press Release