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Overseas vultures circle around Irish forestry assets

Overseas vultures circle around Irish forestry assets built up using public funds

Answers to parliamentary questions

Answers to parliamentary questions

Protests at eight IKEA stores in Sweden

A protest for the forest, at eight IKEA stores in Sweden
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Enda Kenny chopping down a tree during National tree week

Taoiseach Enda Kenny filmed chopping down a tree during Ireland’s National tree week
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Stop the sale of Irish forests

Once again the sale of the public forests is announced with very little detail or background information. This time the Troika have facilitated the State regards public opposition, by changing the MOU to allow the proceeds from the sale of State assets to be reinvested in job creation.
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Not Seeing The Land For The Trees

Hidden beneath the proposed sell off of public forest trees is the loss of sovereign land which the trees are growing upon.
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Save Ireland’s Forests – SFTV

This is a short news item, broadcast on Swiss TV by SFTV (The Swiss state broadcaster), covering all the angles on the sale of Ireland’s forests. This includes interviews with Andrew St. Ledger, Bertie Ahern, Eamon Gilmore & Enda Kenny.
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State Vandalism and Neglect in a Rare Native Oakwood

This film was made to inspire the public to appreciate the true value of such remaining wild places, by creating a positive from a negative.
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Coillte Toxic Dump

A video showing the blatant disregard for our environment by Coillte (the Irish Forestry Board), in Chevy Chase, Co. Galway. Music by Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance.
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Green Deserts of Ireland

A video with Andrew St. Ledger giving a brief history of Irish forests and forest policy.
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