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Ireland’s native woodlands are quietly disappearing

Darragh Murphy: Under 11% of country’s land is forested as State plants Sitka spruce at expense of indigenous trees.
Article in the Irish Times

Forest Restoration can Alleviate Flooding

We can all agree there is a need now to find wise long term solutions to fix flooding, one part of this solution is to work with nature, farmers, and local communities to restore our degraded uplands, rivers, streams, wetlands and flood plains so that they can perform their natural regulatory function to their optimum capacity.

Submission on Coillte cypermethrin use derogation

The Woodland League are calling for a complete ban on the use of cypermethrin and glyphosate by Coillte in public forests, please support this important call. We believe that the use of these hazardous chemicals poses a serious health hazard. We also fail to see how the use of these dangerous poisons can be seen to be compatible with Sustainable Forest Management, which Coillte claim to practise and which is supported by their use of the FSC ecolabel.
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Cypermethrin needs to be phased out

The Environmental Pillar are calling for an end to the use of the hazardous chemical Cypermethrin in Irish forests. This chemical which kills insects is being used in significant quantities over a large area of land, some 50,000 ha, in an attempt to protect the non-native spruce and pine from pests.
Environmental Pillar Press Release

Criticisms of New Forestry Plan

Andrew St. Ledger talks to Noel McGuinness on Northside Today about the new forestry plan that has been approved by the EU and says that the plan fails to resolve serious environmental issues with the Irish Forestry model.
Radio Show

New forestry plan is a missed opportunity

New forestry plan approved by EU has not addressed significant environmental issues with Irish forests and is a missed opportunity. Minister Tom Hayes yesterday announced the approval of the new forestry programme by the EU but environmental groups claim the plan fails to resolve serious environmental issues with the Irish forestry model.

The New Forestry Plan – CRCfm

Andrew St. Ledger discusses the new forestry plan on the Chatroom Radio Programme.
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Submission on the new Forestry Programme 2014-2020

CELT And The Woodland League Submission on the new Forestry Programme 2014-2020
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Review of Coillte Report should be made public

The Woodland League calls for 2010 Review of Coillte Report to be made public
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An interesting dissertation

Una Ruddock asks: How is the public interest conceived and represented, with reference to Coillte, in Ireland’s forestry review 2010?
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