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Tribute to Saskia Byrne from The Woodland League July 4th 2021 Greetings to All, today is a very sad and poignant day for us at The Woodland League, as we pay tribute to one of our staunchest supporters and long time member, Saskia Byrne who passed away almost one month ago today. The community and family are remembering and celebrating Saskia today with a series […]

Rage Against the Regime

Andrew St Ledger speaking at Rage Against the Regime last Wednesday
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Global Redwoods Project

RTE Evening News segment, aired on 7th May, featuring Andrew St Ledger speaking about the League’s participation in the Global Redwoods Project
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A Walk in the Woods footage

Watch Andrew St. Ledger speaking to the crowd at last Sunday’s successful protest march in Avondale
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Magical Moments with Diana Beresford Kroeger

A guided walk in a tiny segment of the great forests that once stood throughout Ireland with Scientist Diana Beresford Kroeger and Andrew St.Ledger of the Woodland League.
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Save Ireland’s Forests – SFTV

This is a short news item, broadcast on Swiss TV by SFTV (The Swiss state broadcaster), covering all the angles on the sale of Ireland’s forests. This includes interviews with Andrew St. Ledger, Bertie Ahern, Eamon Gilmore & Enda Kenny.
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State Vandalism and Neglect in a Rare Native Oakwood

This film was made to inspire the public to appreciate the true value of such remaining wild places, by creating a positive from a negative.
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Coillte Toxic Dump

A video showing the blatant disregard for our environment by Coillte (the Irish Forestry Board), in Chevy Chase, Co. Galway. Music by Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance.
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Green Deserts of Ireland

A video with Andrew St. Ledger giving a brief history of Irish forests and forest policy.
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Recreating Eden – Diana Beresford Kroeger

Consultant scientist to the Woodland League and author of ‘The Global Forest’, ‘Arboretum America’ and ‘Arboretum Borealis’.
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