The Woodland League is a not-for-profit, independent, community-based organisation. Our aim is to restore the relationship between people and their native woodlands. We hold walks and talks throughout the country promoting native woodland heritage and actively lobby to change Irish forestry policy.

Woodland League Campaign & Petition

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Forest in a Box – Native Trees for Schools Project

The Woodland League launched a new Native Trees initiative on Tuesday 7th March, during National Tree Week. A native tree seed box, a “Forest in a Box”, was presented to Brigit’s Hearth pre-school in Tuamgraney Co. Clare. The box uses a copy of the natural forest floor of leaf litter to start the trees off, the sides creating shade to encourage the trees to reach for the light with fine mesh across the bottom and the top lid to protect the seeds from being eaten, so increasing their chances of survival by 90% or more. Each one metre by one metre seed box is capable of providing approximately 200 healthy native trees for planting out every two years.

The Great Forest of Aughty Project Proposal

The Woodland League would like to propose that a plan be made to restore the remnant shreds of what was once a great oak forest known as the Great Forest of Aughty.

Save Our Forests Save Our Lands Alliance letter of concerns to Coillte Directors

On behalf of 38 national environment NGOs, community groups, political parties, independent TD’s and numerous individuals. We now wish to place on record the following concerns regarding Coillte CLG, The Irish Forestry Board.
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A New Year – A New Brush

Ted Cook’s ‘Talk and Walk’ public event on December 31st 2023. A field survey of Kilbrogan Cemetery and adjacent Bandon Town Holy Wells focused on trees. The author dedicates the event summary to Ireland’s newest national holiday in honour of our “Matron Saint” Brigid, scheduled for February 6th 2023.
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Tribute to Saskia Byrne from The Woodland League July 4th 2021 Greetings to All, today is a very sad and poignant day for us at The Woodland League, as we pay tribute to one of our staunchest supporters and long time member, Saskia Byrne who passed away almost one month ago today. The community and family are remembering and celebrating Saskia today with a series […]

Report on Sustainability and Biodiversity regards the case involving the DPP/Coillte vs Sioned Jones, 27th and 28th February 2020 in Cork City Circuit court.

In January 2020, The Woodland League were approached by Sioned Jones and her legal team for assistance regards, valid information on State obligations towards, Sustainable Forest Management, Sustainability Principles, commitments to International environmental conventions, and the role of the citizen in protecting their environment, for Sioned’s defence.

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Woodland League Statement, 21st January 2019

In the Land of Milk and Money : State Sanctioned Rare Old Growth Native Oakwood Destruction On the Eve of First Dail 1919, 100th Year Commemoration.


Complaint by Macroom Environmental Group concerning destruction of an old growth oakwood

Download a copy of recent complaint by Macroom and District Environment Group concerning State licensed destruction of an old growth native oakwood in the townland of Silvergrove/ Doire Airgead in county Cork.


Ireland’s native woodlands are quietly disappearing

Darragh Murphy: Under 11% of country’s land is forested as State plants Sitka spruce at expense of indigenous trees.
Article in the Irish Times

Native Trees and Community Woodlands, Health and Carbon Storage Benefits

An outline of the potential for The Woodland League “Forest in a Box” to inspire the creation of Community Native Woodlands, for local action on Climate Change and how this can benefit communities into the future. How Individuals can be empowered to take action working with their local community in a simple direct and effective way. The health benefits and Carbon storage potential of local Community Native Woodlands are highlighted.

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Supporting Information for The Woodland League “Forest In A Box” Project

Contact details, project details, costs, and connected biodiversity educational opportunities contained within this document.

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