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Woodland League Campaign & Petition

Sign our Petition to Save, Restore and Expand our Ancient Rainforest Remnants:


Native Trees and Community Woodlands, Health and Carbon Storage Benefits

An outline of the potential for The Woodland League “Forest in a Box” to inspire the creation of Community Native Woodlands, for local action on Climate Change and how this can benefit communities into the future. How Individuals can be empowered to take action working with their local community in a simple direct and effective way. The health benefits and Carbon storage potential of local Community Native Woodlands are highlighted.

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Supporting Information for The Woodland League “Forest In A Box” Project

Contact details, project details, costs, and connected biodiversity educational opportunities contained within this document.

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Forest in a Box – Native Trees for Schools Project

The Woodland League launched a new Native Trees initiative on Tuesday 7th March, during National Tree Week. A native tree seed box, a “Forest in a Box”, was presented to Brigit’s Hearth pre-school in Tuamgraney Co. Clare. The box uses a copy of the natural forest floor of leaf litter to start the trees off, the sides creating shade to encourage the trees to reach for the light with fine mesh across the bottom and the top lid to protect the seeds from being eaten, so increasing their chances of survival by 90% or more. Each one metre by one metre seed box is capable of providing approximately 200 healthy native trees for planting out every two years.

The Great Forest of Aughty Project Proposal

The Woodland League would like to propose that a plan be made to restore the remnant shreds of what was once a great oak forest known as the Great Forest of Aughty.

Jurassic bark: ancient Irish trees brought back to life

From the scattered remnants, Ireland’s oldest oak trees are being revived as part of a global initiative to propagate the DNA of ancient woodland – Irish Times Article

Global Redwoods Project

RTE Evening News segment, aired on 7th May, featuring Andrew St Ledger speaking about the League’s participation in the Global Redwoods Project
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Global Redwoods Project Interview

Listen to Andrew St Ledger interview on Radio 1 discussing Archangel’s donation of giant redwood clones for planting in Ireland (more info on our Facebook page)
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