21 January 2019

Complaint by Macroom Environmental Group concerning destruction of an old growth oakwood

Download a copy of recent complaint by Macroom and District Environment Group concerning State licensed destruction of an old growth native oakwood in the townland of Silvergrove/ Doire Airgead in county Cork.

A rare section of old growth oakwood has been systematically clearfelled under the guise of agroforestry, the license was originally for thinning of the oakwood. However, when heavy machinery moved on to the site, it became apparent to local people that a clearfell was the objective. These same local people through their environment group MDEG, of whom the League’s Ted Cook is a founder, have been pushing for the woodlands to be designated a Natural Heritage Area since the late 1980’s, the woodland was eventually mapped and surveyed by the chief State adviser and expert on native woodlands, Dr, John Cross who recommended this course of action in 2013 as one of his last requests before retiring. His file was never acted upon and now this treasure he referred to as “One of the finest non designated native woodlands in the country”, a remnant of the precious Irish rainforest has been destroyed to grow grass for grazing cattle.

In the words of E.O Wilson, a leading Ecologist who coined the phrase Biodiversity

“Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal.”

― E.O. Wilson

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